Floating Coral Silk Rose Petals, 100 petals

Floating Coral Silk Rose Petals, 100 petals

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Unlike most silk petals, these Floating Coral Silk Rose Petals will actually float in water. You can use them in a vase or bowl as a table decoration, or float them in a bathtub for a romantic evening. You can even will a pool with them!

Our silk rose petals are our highest quality fabric petals, perfect for your wedding or special event. These petals are completely separated and loose in the bag, no need to spend hours pulling them apart.

  • high quality micropeach polyester fabric
  • 100 petals per bag
  • floats in water (regular petals sink)
  • completely separated and ready to use
  • 2 to 2 1/4 inches in diameter
  • realistic curved shape

These petals generally float for hours in water, but will not stay floating indefinitely. The more they are disturbed, the more likely they are to begin to sink.