Rose Petals for Valentine's Day

Romantic rose petals

Petal Garden is the premier source for all things rose petals! From our REAL Freeze dried to our realistic silk petals, we have what you need to make your Valentine's Day special. You can rely on our 20+ years of experience to custom create a perfect evening.

Let's start by choosing the type of petals you'd like to use:


Freeze Dried Rose Petals - These are REAL rose petals that have been preserved at their absolute peak. Great for:

  • outdoors, the are biodegradable
  • elegant table decoration
  • floating in a tub


Silk Rose Petals - The most realistic fabric petals you will find. Our petals have been used in movies, commercials, and countless weddings. Ideal for:

  •  hotel room decoration
  • large indoor trails
  • small decoration on a tight budget


Specialty Petals - An assortment of different types of petals, plus candles!

  • Floating rose petals
  • Heart shapes
  • Scented candles